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Enabling Inclusive Education

GRASSROOTS PARTNER: Karambi Group of People with Disabilities (KaGPWD)

Every human being has the right to education, a right to learn, a right to a future where they can live a dignified life and enjoy the freedom to achieve their full potential. In support of these principles, FCDE awarded a grant to the Karambi Group of People with Disabilities (KaGPWD) to create a more inclusive and enabling school learning environment for children with disabilities. With FCDE funding, KaGPWD constructed ramps for children to access the classroom and created a disability rights awareness campaign in the community.

“Since I joined school, accessing classes has been a great challenge. But today I thank Karambi Group of People with Disabilities [and FCDE] for having reached a decision to construct ramps at the entrance of the classroom. It’s now very easy for me to be moved to class utilizing my wheelchair with the support of only one volunteer. And my classmates are very helpful after understanding that disabled children also have a right to education.”

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